Statement and Bio

Memory and personal narrative are an unavoidable presence in my work.
Somewhere between abstraction and representation, interior and exterior worlds converge. By intuitively layering texture and shapes with light and muted tones I attempt to achieve depth and dimension, conjuring obscure landscapes and fleeting moments.
Texture and patterns reveal themselves to me as the natural world intertwines with that of humankind. Incessant daily discoveries inspire my every mark, whether in leaf stained sidewalks or rain-soaked walls or traces of weathered vine on chipped stucco.
Printmaking has unique periods of separation from the hand and the two-dimensional plane, encouraging alternative direction while supporting a fragmented approach to mark making. Tearing down, rebuilding, piecing past and present printed work through collage, literally, and metaphorically adheres and connects the image, the artist and the viewer.
In this method, process is allowed to speak by encapsulating the breath, vulnerability and silent language of a subject. Something greater than self is discovered where beauty and truth live simultaneously within imperfection, decay, impression and loss.

Laurie Carnohan is a Richmond, Virginia native, printmaker and mixed media artist who hold degrees in Criminal Justice, Communication Arts and Printmaking. She studied with, and worked under Master Printer, Barbara Tisserat in Lithography at Virginia Commonwealth University and served on the Board of Studio Two Three, a nonprofit, community print and art space for eight years. She was a member of the former Virginia-based ONE/OFF Printmakers Group and exhibits her work locally, nationally and internationally.