I am driven by an inability to ignore man’s innate connection with the natural world.
Memory and personal narrative are present and unavoidable. Intuitively layering texture and shapes with light and muted tones achieve depth, and dimension, conjuring vague, but familiar moments.
Between abstraction and representation, interior and exterior worlds converge forming topographical landscapes.

The mundane sights of the everyday inspire each and every piece. I am always looking, seeing, noticing patterns and texture whether in a thicket of twigs or trash, a rain soaked wall in a parking deck or paint peeling from a cement wall.

Printmaking offers unique periods of separation from the hand and the two-dimensional plane encouraging alternative direction. Tearing down, rebuilding, piecing past and present printed work through various forms of collage literally, and metaphorically, adhere and connect.
Process is allowed to speak by encapsulating the breath, vulnerability and silent language of the subject. Something greater than self is discovered where beauty and truth live simultaneously within imperfection, decay, impression and loss.